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Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, founded in 1931, is an independent pharmaceutical university in China. Its main campus lies in Shenyang City with a floor area of 1.435 million square meters and a gross area of 749 thousand square meters in total,including a floor area of 215 thousand square meters and a gross area of 179 thousand square meters in Shenyang District (Wenhua Road); a floor area of 16 thousand square meters and a gross area of 17 thousand square meters in Tiexi District; a floor of 1.203 million square meters and a gross area of 553 thousand square meters in Southern Campus (Benxi).  At present, there are 3416 graduates including 461 doctoral candidates and 2955 master candidates, 8279 undergraduate students. There are 1121 faculty staff, including 145 full professors and 231 associate professors. The university has developed into a comprehensive Pharmaceutical University, owning three campuses and covering a total of 1,434,500 square meters.


There are 12 schools in SPU, which are School of Pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Engineering, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, School of Life Sciences and Biopharmaceutical Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Medical Devices, School of Basic Courses, School of Functional Food and Wine, School of Continuing Education, School of Wuya Innovation, School of Marxism and Graduate School. The 5 affiliated centers are International Center for Pharmaceutical Research Collaboration, Test Centers, Computer Center, Modern Education Center and Center for Natural Resources of Chinese Medicinal Material.


SPU has 20 undergraduate programs, 5 of which are national characteristic specialties. 58 programs are entitled to the conferment of master’s degrees (with another 4 professional degree conferring entitlements) and 21 programs are entitled to the conferment of doctoral degrees. Besides, the university has two post-doctoral research stations, Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese Pharmacy. The discipline of pharmaceutics is one of the national key disciplines, while the discipline of pharmacy and traditional Chinese pharmacy is among the list of provincial key disciplines. According to ESI 2020, the university ranks 1814 worldwide. Three disciplines--pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutics--win the first at home and remain top 1% across the world.


Not only is cooperation established between SPU and enterprises within the country, but it is also developed between the universities and institutions from US, Japan, Britain, Portugal, etc. Overseas well-known experts are invited to give lectures or participate in cooperative scientific research projects each year. SPU faculty members and students participate in various international academic exchange programs and foreign students from various countries and regions come to SPU for academic exchange.

SPU will always value high qualities like unity, diligence, integrity and innovation. By following the principle of pharmacy the base and quality the first, and by maintaining unique strength and innovative development, SPU will try to become one of the top pharmaceutical universities in the world.

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